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SeaWire is our sea-based brand and brings high-speed LTE connectivity to the maritime industry to meet the growing demand for more bandwidth. If you live or work at sea near coastal areas, where poor connectivity is a reality, we have a simple plug-n-play solutions to ensure seafarers internet connectivity. Whether a seafarer needs to stay connected to loved ones or secure efficient fleet operation, the SeaWire solutions ensure fast and stable internet connectivity.

The SeaWire product line is based on the RouDem FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) terminal. The RouDem integrates an auto rotating, high-gain, directional antenna and a built-in modem to avoid loss in cables. Additionally, the RouDem has an integrated WiFi router and battery giving over 8 hours of operation forcritical situations. All hardware is embedded in an IPX6 hermetically closed case, and all the internalcomponents are industrial grade to withstand operational temperatures -20°C ~ +80°C. The SeaWire models are plug-n-play solutions and will automatically point its antenna in the direction of the best operator base station. The directional antenna is augmented with an omnidirectional antenna that enables continuous internet connection whilst shifting between operator base stations.

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Wherever you are stay

Below you will find the SeaWire solutions: SeaWire RouDem and SeaWire Pro. The solutions are sea-based and meant for vessels with every need - whether it being ensuring crew well-being, transmitting data, or managing a fleet. SeaWire can ensure connectivity for all purposes.

Installation in short


Insert the micro-SIM card and the ethernet cable


Pass the cable through the cable gland


Affix the mounting bracket to the RouDem


Tighten the mounting bracket to a Ø38mm pole.


What is a RouDem?

Many have heard of a directional antenna that you have to manually rotate toward an operator base station. Many have also heard of systems in which you can transform 3G, 4G and 5G to a WiFi hotspot. MiWire took these components, and made it intelligent. We invented an auto-rotating, directional antenna with a built-in modem and advanced software algorithm. 

And how does this differentiate to standard options? With the auto-rotating directional antenna we avoided users needing to be experts to find the best operator base station and manually point the antenna towards it. With the built-in modem, we avoided signal loss in cables. And with the advanced software algorithm we made our RouDem intelligent: it scans and memorizes the network infrastructure, so when changes in the network are made, it automatically connects to another base station. 

We hold three different patents on this invention, and it ensures that people living and working at the edge of the mobile network with no alternatives to gain internet access, do not have to suffer from slow data speed.

What is the connection between MiWire, SeaWire and GlobalWire?

MiWire is our company name, and it also became our first brand. The MiWire brand holds our land-based solutions, which was our first product line and mainly fixed installations. Our SeaWire brand was then developed from the land-based solutions. First, we needed to improve the RouDem to a IPX6 rating for it to withstand the environment of the sea. We further developed the hardware and the software systems, thus enabling the RouDem to become more dynamic for the constant mobile use all around the world. To support this, we developed the GlobalWire data subscription, which is a subscription for a SIM-card with operators all around the world, which is ideal for a seafarer.

How do I know the solutions are for me?

You know the solutions are for you, when a fast and stable internet connection is important for your personal or professional life. When you live or work at the edge of the mobile network coverage. When you constantly have a bad internet connection, no matter how much you do to improve. MiWire offers you cost-efficient solutions that provide fast and stable internet connection - wherever you are. Simple as that.

How do I know if I need a RouDem solution or a Pro solution?

When deciding whether you need a single unit solution or a pro solution with a two unit configuration + a control unit, you need to consider a few things. First of all, the more people who will use your internet connection, the bigger capacity is needed. The more units you have, the bigger capacity you can gain. If your internet connection can never fluctuate, for example when the RouDem needs to connect to a new base station, you need an extra unit for redundancy. Here you can insert SIM-cards from two different operators, thus gaining redundancy. Further you can also achieve redundancy by connecting fiber or satellite connection to the Pro’s control unit. In short, for medium to big corporations, it is a good idea to choose a Pro version.

How to get started?

Are you considering a purchase of our solutions? Then here is how you do:

  • Check our dealer map to find a dealer near you. 
  • Consider your data subscription for the solutions. We offer affordable options for land, and for sea we have developed a global SIM-card. Click here to check out Globalwire.
  • Consider if you need more accessories than included in the package. The package does not include cable, a pole for mounting, or external IT equipment such as router, switch and WiFi access points. You can read more about what you’ll need on the product sites. 
  • Are you handy? Then please see the installation videos on the product site or download the user guide. Do you need an installer? If an installer is needed, please see what our dealers offer. 
  • Get online and enjoy!
Any other questions?

Please find answers to more questions on our FAQ-site.

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