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SeaWire RouDem is a combination of an auto-rotating, directional antenna and a modem that provides Internet connection via the mobile network. When operating the antenna will automatically shift between the operator base stations selecting the best performing base station.

The connection to the Internet is obtained via a data SIM card, which you insert into the RouDem. The RouDem is designed for installation above deck at the highest spot possible on a standard antenna pole. Additionally, the RouDem has an integrated WiFi router and battery giving over 8 hours of operation.


Find out what it takes to get online with SeaWire RouDem.

Data subscription

SeaWire RouDem is a wireless broadband solution and therefore for the RouDem to receive signal you must insert a SIM card with data. The data subscription is a side purchase to the solution. To gain the best speed with RouDem it is essential to choose a data subscription from that operator who has the best coverage conditions for your use case. Read more about our connectivity plan GlobalWire.


The package content DOES NOT include cables. The length of the cables depends on the location for installation. Download the System Configuration below to get an overview.

Cable specifications:

Network cable type: Cat6 or above, UV- and water resistant, shielded, grounded.

Connector 1 & 2: RJ45 (male)


The mounting should take place at the highest spot possible and where possible with a good all-round view with distance to other radiocommunication systems. The mounting bracket interfaces to a pole of Ø38mm/1.5” (outer diameter).

WiFi access

The RouDem will create its own WiFi hotspot. In most cases it is recommended to extend the WiFi signal coverage by connecting external WiFi equipment to the LAN port in the power supply. In that way you can easily distribute the WiFi signal to where it is needed.

SeaWire Roudem

SeaWire RouDem is a premium plug-n-play wireless broadband solution for seafarers who wants to gain better reach and higher speed based on the LTE network. The SeaWire RouDem performs best at the edge of the mobile network coverage with up to 35 NM to nearest operator base station. The SeaWire RouDem works as a fixed installation on sea-based vessels, and is designed for commercial vessels and the leisure market.

MiWire’s products contain a patented intelligent rotating directional antenna that points to the most optimal operator base station, controlled by our embedded software algorithm. MiWire’s auto-rotating, high-gain, directional antennas not only automatically locate the best operator base station.

Our solutions also scan and memorize the network infrastructure through an advanced, patented software algorithm to ensure maximum data speed, even when changes in the network infrastructure is made. We have developed plug-n-play solutions in which installers do not need to have knowledge of the network infrastructure in order to install. MiWire ensure high performance data speed – wherever you are.

The top part consists of an inner top and a top to avoid overheating from the sun and secure resistant for all kinds of weather.
The rotating unit that points the antenna in the direction of the best operator tower and converts the mobile signal in the most optimal way via the integrated antenna and modem design. The mechanics are optimized to secure a long lifetime in relation to the many turns that will occur when operating at sea.
The housing bottom with a micro-SIM slot and ethernet port. Inside the bottom part the ports are sealed to secure waterproofness.
The mounting bracket with a pre-assembled water-proof cable gland and pinole screws for tightening on a Ø38mm/1.5” pole (outer diameter). The mounting bracket is integrated with a fastening ring to secure waterproofness.


  • LTE Cat 6 or LTE Cat 4
  • Region: EMEA/APCA/Brazil or Global
  • WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
  • Data rate: 10/100 Mbps
  • Antenna gain: Directional 3-10 dBi (800-2700 MHz) / Omni directional 3-4.5 dBi (800-2700 MHz)
  • Power: 100-240V
  • Battery backup: 8 hours
  • IP rating: IPX6 (high-pressure, heavy sprays of water)
  • The embedded software intelligently calculates the position of the most optimal operator base station while the vessel is sailing. Thus MiWire can control that the RouDem is exactly pointing towards the base stations it is connected to.
  • RouDem dimensions: Ø335 mm, H: 160 mm (80 mm without mounting bracket), W: 2.1 kg (1.8 kg without mounting bracket)
  • Control unit dimensions: 19” rack, H: 44 mm, L: 423 mm, D: 330 mm, Weight: 4.1 kg
Package content

1 SeaWire RouDem, 1 mounting bracket, 5 screws, 2 keys (1 Unbraco 4, 1 Torx 10), 1 user guide, 1 privacy policy


1 x Lan interface

  • Connector type: RJ45
  • Data rate: 10/100 Mbit/s
  • cable length: 100 m (min. Cat6)

1 x Micro SIM card port


Frequency bands: 800, 900, 1800, 2100, 2600 MHz

4G LTE: Carrier aggregation


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Installation of the SeaWire RouDem

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