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Our role in solving network connectivity issues

Our role in solving network connectivity issues

In a globalized world, we are highly dependent on connectivity. When COVID-19 struck, it showed us truly how dependent we are, and how far behind parts of the world is to ensure everyone has a strong internet access.

In 2021, the European Commission introduced the “Digital Decade”-vision. Goals for 2030 were set forth; to ensure that all European households are covered by the Gigabit network, and that all populated areas are covered by 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA). To reach these goals, the European Commission’s set strategic objectives for 2025. These addressed themes like fast data speed in every household, access to mobile data everywhere, and stable 5G FWA coverage in all urban areas.

In May 2022, politicians, policy makers and experts in the industry discussed the use of 5G FWA to reach the Digital Decade ambitions. Franco Accordino, Head of Unit, Investment in High-Capacity Networks, European Commission said:

"The combination of FWA with 5G technology has the potential to significantly contribute to the achievement of the European connectivity targets set for the end of the decade”

Further, the webinar and discussion highlighted the opportunity to especially use 5G FWA to reach less densely populated areas, where the option of fiber network is not a possibility. Bent André Støyva, head of section for Spectrum Planning, Norwegian Communications Authority (NKOM) commented:

“Nkom sees FWA as a means of providing high-speed internet to the whole country, especially where fiber roll-out is not possible. This will greatly increase the opportunities for running businesses from where people choose to live and give everyone an equal digital opportunity” 

Since 2019, where the 5G FWA network infrastructure was released, more than 147.000 5G FWA base stations has been rolled out across Europe. With the European Commission’s ambitions, we can expect many more.

MiWire’s mission is to empower people with internet connectivity – wherever you are. In line with the European Commission’s Digital Decade goals, MiWire too is working toward providing internet connectivity for all. We live in a globalized world, where the needs for digitalization and internet connectivity keep increasing. Fast and stable internet connectivity is a subject of upmost importance – not only in Europe, but all around the world. During the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us were forced to do everything from home – work, shop, and most importantly connect with family and friends. Not everyone had an efficient internet connection to support this. This is why MiWire believes that efforts towards improving connectivity issues are essential. Efforts will drive positive change in industries, bring socio-economic opportunities, and make us equally a part of a globalized world.

Intelligent, plug-n-play solutions ensuring easy installation and efficient connectivity – wherever you are

MiWire’s auto-rotating, high-gain, directional antennas not only automatically locate the best operator base-station. Our solutions also scan and memorize the network infrastructure through advanced, patented software algorithms to ensure maximum data speed, even when changes in the network infrastructure are made. We have developed plug-n-play solutions in which installers do not need to have knowledge of the network infrastructure in order to install. Currently, our land-based solutions reach up to 25 km connectivity range, and our sea-based solutions reach up to 35 NM (65km).

Our 5G FWA version is just around the corner and is going to disrupt the market. This solution will not only be competitive with fiber, but it will also make fiber redundant. 5G FWA is exactly what MiWire has been developing for years. What differentiates our solutions is that we do 5G FWA intelligently by automatically rotating the directional antenna towards base stations, thus resulting in the data speed and cost-efficiency the market evidently needs. It is cheaper than expanding fiber infrastructure, it provides faster and more stable results, and it is also the more environmentally friendly solution. Patrick Robinson, Vice President – Europe, ATEL states:

“This will make our lives better, safer, and even greener – now with 5G in rural areas and the change in working culture post pandemic, FWA gives us a choice. Work in the city or work in the countryside. In this post pandemic era we can choose where we want to work” (Europorter, 2022).

With our solutions, we can solve the problems in rural areas and make sure that businesses and private homes have the means to properly receive the internet signal sent from the 4G and 5G FWA base stations. We want to keep improving and push boundaries in order to help people and businesses stay connected.

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