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MiWire at Mobile World Congress 2023

MiWire at Mobile Word Congress 2023

Last week we attended #MobileWorldCongress2023 in Barcelona! The week was filled with hard work, a lot of people, and many interesting discussions. It was a really exciting week and our participation has been very productive. We have learned a lot throughout the week, and our key takeaways are:

FWA is here to stay.

The discussion about Fixed Wireless Access is growing, and MiWire’s land-based solutions are ready to enter the conversation!

Fixed Wireless Access is a topic that is being highly discussed at the moment, due to the installment of 5G network. Installing fiber is an expensive method of gaining internet connectivity in more rural areas, and this is where the combination of 5G and FWA is a great alternative, as it can provide fiber-like speed at the edge of the mobile network.

With MiWire’s newest 5G version coming up, we can do 5G FWA intelligently. With our patented software we can scan the local network, thus ensuring that our auto-locating and auto-rotating antennas is always connected. Read more about MiWire’s work with 5G FWA here.


5G LEO satellites are on the move

For a long time, there has been a lot of speculation whether 5G satellites is going to happen. However, the speculating is done. One key player is already confirmed, as AST SpaceMobile is currently working on connecting the world via a cellular broadband network.

This is perfect timing with our recent announcement of the “SeaWire DeepSea 5G LEO”-project, as more LEO-satellites combined with our project, will enable internet at sea on a whole new scale. Click here to read more about our SeaWire DeepSea 5G LEO-project.


Internet at sea is a hot topic

Though we were attending a non-maritime conference, the interest for internet at sea was huge. With the Maritime Labor Convention updating the rights for seafarers to have internet access in March 2021, the industry has been struggling to provide.

Working at sea means going a long time without access to internet, which can be very isolating and take a toll on the mental health of seafarers. This is where our SeaWire solutions come in as an alternative to traditional technologies. With ships being near coastal areas up to 86% of the time, it is both easy and cost-efficient to use a SeaWire solution.

Read more about how MiWire ensures internet connectivity at sea here


Confirmation that our solutions are needed

With the many people we talked to during MWC 2023, it was made touchingly clear how relevant our solutions are to the world. We spoke with people from all over the world and in many different industries, and it is safe to say that lack of internet connectivity is a challenge that many people and workers are dealing with.

We envision a world, where everyone is connected – however you want, whatever you do, and wherever you are. And our mission is to empower you with internet connectivity – wherever you are.

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