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Why invest in MiWire?

MiWire ApS is a Danish tech company founded in 2016. We are a team of experts dedicated to improving lives through internet connectivity. We hold three patents for our range of solutions and are very proud to be pioneers in offering the world an intelligent, auto-rotating, directional antenna that automatically connects to the closest and strongest operator base station – both at land and at sea.

The idea sprung from our founders not being able to transmit video signals when competing in extreme sports such as mountain biking races or sail races. Connectivity issues in these situations made them realize how big challenges normal people in outer areas must have, in a world where Internet connectivity is a crucial part of life. We help people work, study, stream, talk to their loved ones, and send high amounts of important data from ship to shore through our solutions.

Installation and usage are simple, and our solutions are equally suitable for private as well as corporate use. MiWire has won two of the most prestigious awards in Denmark: The Danish Tech Challenge in 2018 and the 2021 edition of the Engineers’ Association’s Connect Awards.

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The team

David Fleischer


Competences: 20+ years experience in building organizations with focus on people and talent for technology-driven business models. Management of long-term ambitious business development with a focus on sales results. Experience: CEO, SportXstream, Denmark Director of Sales, Informi GIS A/S, Denmark, Geographical information systems and IT. Managing Director, Zenitel Denmark A/S. Market leader in professional mobile communication. Nordic General Manager, Atlas Copco Electric Tools, Nordic, Responsible for increased sales and making Atlas Copco profitable in the Nordic countries

Jesper Rhode Andersen

Business developer

Competences: Management of tech development. Organization governance and scaling. Cellular networks and digital communication. Business transformation. Experience: Founder, Tr4nsform, Management Consulting in Digital Business Transformation Board member of Viaduto, Mills (public stock), OneGrid, Sony Ericsson Brazil, Ericsson R&D Latin America, Venturus, Mobile Marketing Association, Miwire. CMO, CTO, VP sales, Head of consulting, Head of System Integration Head of M&A, Ericsson, Latin America.

Mikael Espersen


Competences: 30+ years in technologic development and deployment with skills in software technologies, program and project management, talent acquisition, and embedded systems for cellular and satellite communication. Experience: Consultant in project management, software development and wireless communication. Project- and team manager, Development Department, Thrane & Thrane (COBHAM). Program Manager for development of TETRA terminal, NIROS Telecommunication A/S. Project leader, Software development Terma Elektronik.

Nadia Pilo

Operations Manager

Competences: Accounting, Purchase, logistics and quality management, process documentation, IT process development, SIM card provisioning Experience: B.Sc. Process and Innovation from Technical University of Denmark. Final project in MHI Vestas concerning optimization of the internal inspection of wind turbine blades. Internship and student helper at MiWire ApS.

Our intellectual property

When developing our first antenna, we saw a gap in the telecommunications market. Many had developed directional antennas, that one would have to point towards base stations manually. Few had also made systems in which you could transform 4G to a local WiFi hotspot. However, no one had thought about making a mechanically high performance auto-rotating, directional antenna with a built-in modem and a controller to automatically point the antenna towards the base station with the highest data throughput. With the auto-rotating directional antenna we avoid users needing to be experts to find the best operator base station and manually point the antenna towards it. With the built-in modem, we avoid signal loss in cables. And with the advanced software algorithm we made our RouDem intelligent. It scans and memorizes the network infrastructure, so when changes in the network are made, it automatically connects to another base station. For the maritime solutions we have developed even more advanced systems to locate the base station positions on the fly, and with two antennas we keep the connection to at least one base station at all times.

This solution made sure that people living and working at the edge of the mobile network with no alternatives to gain internet access, did not have to suffer from slow data speed. This is what we do, and what we will continue to do.

This is also why we hold three different patents in several different markets. For our directional wireless hotspot patents, our route-based directional antenna-patents, and our bitrate optimization patent.

Our sales model

For many years, we have mainly been focused on research and development. We have spent a great deal of time to perfect our solutions for the Danish market, as we wanted to be ready for global execution. We are now in a position, where we have gone from a B2C sales strategy to a B2B sales strategy and begun selling our solutions through global distributors. We have recently entered distribution deals with tech giants, Furuno (sea-based market) and TD SYNNEX (land-based market).

Read more about our distributors here

Have we piqued your interest yet?

To be able to scale our business and match our increasing market interest, we need to expand our sales and marketing efforts. Our solutions are ready, and now it is time to let the world know who we are, and what our solutions can do.

We are fully committed to make MiWire a global success. If you want to enter this journey with us and invest in telecommunication, please do not hesitate to book a meeting with us.


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