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Simple and cost-efficient mobile broadband in all coastal areas and ports

GlobalWire is a global data service from MiWire designed to high volume data usage that will connect you to a mobile network - wherever you are.

Save admin ressources, increase access to local operators, and let the GlobalWire data subscription take care of your mobile data consumption across global telecommunications providers. We make the agreement with the local operators and offer a system that removes all administration and consolidates payment. We offer packages with data volumes according to consumption at prices well below roaming tariffs.

GlobalWire is a global SIM-card that ensures internet connectivity all over the world.

Price sheets

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How much data do I need?

Data allowance is an important part of a wireless device and therefore it is vital that you have enough monthly data to accommodate your needs. To help you get a handle on how much data you might need we have covered some of the common data devouring activities and how many megabytes they use. The list shows what the average data use per hour are for different online activities:


Web browsing/Social media: 20-120MB

Instant messaging: 50MB

Email: 1-100MB (depending on attachments)

Video streaming: 250 MB

Video calling: 200-300MB

Where can I use the Globalwire solution?

The name almost says it all - the solution covers globally. Countries are bundled into groups, according to the cost. You buy monthly data bundles to your subscriptions for each of the groups. See more information in the price lists.

Any other questions?

Please find answers to more questions on our FAQ-site.

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