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SeaWire Pro ensures connectivity for crew-members and tasks on vessels

Oil rigs and wind turbines operating at sea, often times need to be serviced, supported and supplied. This is where different vessels come to play, in order to maintain these vital sites. These vessels need to gain internet connectivity, as crew members are away for weeks, and need to have a connection to their loved ones at home. Socially used internet connection was something, that an update of the Maritime Labor Convention secured in May 2022. Further, access to fast and stable internet connection is also used for administrative tasks such as reporting, operations, and security. With SeaWire solutions, internet connectivity is secured.

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Internet connection on service, support and supply vessels

MiWire supports several different offshore service vessels. Typically, these vessels need a SeaWire Pro solution, as this gains them bigger capacity of the data connection. These vessels typically have a big crew, and therefore this is more than essential. With SeaWire Pro, vessels get two units connected to a BelowDeck Unit. This configuration ensures a stable internet connection, as one unit will always be connected to the most optimal base station, and the other unit will search for new operator base stations. This is great when the vessel travels, but when reaching its destination at the oil rig or wind turbines, the other unit will turn off search mode, and connect to the most optimal base station, thus doubling the data speed.

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