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Maritime Governing Bodies

Governing the sea needs internet connection

At sea, it is often essential to have a fast and stable internet access. It is especially important when governing the marine environment. Whether you are a coastguard, inspection officer or military personnel, internet connectivity is crucial to perform the tasks at hand: connecting to databases, receiving on shore information, as well as crew well-being. These vessels are typically sailing in coastal waters, where our SeaWire solutions perform. MiWire are supporting the maritime governing bodies by fixing the issue ofpoor internet connectivity at sea.

MiWire solves these issues for various types of marine governing bodies – from coastguard, rescue and marine inspection vessels to police and military vessels. Typically, these types of vessels need a SeaWire Prosolution, as the need for constant connection is necessary. With a SeaWire Pro a vessel gets a two-unit configuration where one unit will connect to the best operator base station, and the other unit will, when in search mode, constantly scan for new operator base stations. While not in search mode, both units will connect simultaneously, doubling the capacity of the data connection. The system comes with a BelowDeck Unit (BDU), which marine governing bodies will usually integrate with existing IT systems and a Switch. With our solutions, internet connectivity at sea is now no longer an issue.

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