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Ferry boat services need internet connectivity

When managing a ferry boat service, internet connection is a must. Ferries transport people from A to B at alltimes and offer services that require a fast and stable internet connection: digitized transactions, security systems, a place to work, a place to relax and be entertained. The need for internet is becoming more and more prevalent, and with MiWire’s solutions for sea-based internet connectivity, this is no longer a problem.



SeaWire Pro ensures Internet connectivity at Sundbusserne ferries

For the Danish shipping company, Samsø Rederi, we delivered two SeaWire Pro Solutions for each of their main ferries: Ferry Princess Isabella that sails from Samsø to Hou, Jutland, and Lilleøre that sails from Samsø to Aarhus. The shipping company had a lot of problems with gaining internet connectivity when sailing – both for cash registries and surveillance, but also for passengers. Therefore, they installed two SeaWire Pro solutions on their ferries. One solution for the crew, and one for passengers. Click and watch the video to hear what Samsø Rederi has to say:

Two SeaWire Pro solutions at the Samsø Ferries ensures connectivity for crew and passengers

Danish ferry services, Sundbusserne, sails back and forth from Elsinore, Denmark to Helsingborg, Sweden. The management experienced a lot of difficulties with their cash registries, as they could not connect to the internet when at sea. Further, they did not live up to national regulations about video surveillance, as their cameras could not connect to internal systems. Sundbusserne had a SeaWirePro system installed, which solved their problem by ensuring stable internet connection on the trips between Denmark and Sweden. Click and watch the video to hear what the management of Sundbusserne has to say:

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