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MiWire and SeaWire ensure connectivity for education

In a digitalized world, we are becoming more and more dependent on good internet connectivity to complete daily tasks. This is also the case in the educational sector, where children are learning online, and teachers are completing administrative tasks online as well. Internet connectivity is crucial for institutions – from kindergartens to universities. And institutions are localized everywhere, both in urban and remote areas. This is an important issue for MiWire, as we want to help support this.

MiWire supports different educational institutions with both MiWire and SeaWire solutions – MiWire RouDem, MiWire Pro, SeaWire RouDem and SeaWire Pro. Similar problems arose both on land and at sea, where educational facilities did not have the possibility to provide internet access for their students and teachers. Due to being on the edge of the internet coverage, MiWire and SeaWire solutions were perfect. With our solutions, internet connectivity is now no longer an issue.

Internet connectivity for kindergartens in Denmark

In one of the bigger Danish municipalities, there were a lot of issues when it came to connectivity to kindergartens and preschools located in rural areas and the countryside, far away from operator base stations. They needed network for daily operations such as checking in kids, administrative processes and contact with parents.

“MiWire has solved the problem really well! It’s been effortlessand easy to handle. If there have been any minor issues, then it has been easy and fast fixes by your IT-department”, a representative said.

The kindergartens have a MiWire RouDem installed on the roof and provide internet connectivity through a switch with VPN tunnel to the municipality. They also have a couple of WiFi access points around the buildings. We are so happy to have helped with this issue, as it is crucial that the educational field is provided with the right tools to function.

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