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We live in a globalized world, where digitalization has become a stable part of our lives. It is where we stream, where we seek entertainment, where we study, and where we connect with our loved ones. However, people living in remote areas are not always lucky enough to have fast and stable internet connection due to being located far from operator base stations, or not having the option or resources to install fiber-optic. It is necessary to have equal internet access, and a connection that allows us to do these activities. This is an issue that MiWire can solve. For our professional life, for having fun, and for our mental well-being.

The MiWire solutions are highly versatile, and thus we support many different domestic use-cases. Many people will find them in situations, where they have poor internet connectivity – whether it being living everyday in remote areas, travelling in auto-campers, visiting vacation houses in holidays. With our high-gain, auto-rotating, directional antenna, we can ensure internet connectivity – wherever you are.

Satisfied customer with MiWire RouDem

One of our customers, who lives in a very rural area in Denmark, had only had bad experiences with gaining internet access. He tried two directional antennas and one omnidirectional, but it wasn’t satisfactory. He heard about MiWire, and decided to try it out, because there was a 30-day guarantee.

“It just worked really well, so it was a no brainer to keepit. We went from 1-5Mbit/sto 10-15Mbit/s, which is satisfactory for us, because we only use it for streaming and checking mails. The embedded WiFi in the RouDem works in itself so well, that I can get WiFi when I’m 50 meters from my house in my yard. I do have it installed pretty high, about 12-14 meters.”

Our customer has our MiWire RouDem installed on the roof, and it is integrated with the IT-system of the house. He has a router inside and a couple of access points. We are so happy to have received such a great review, and to have a satisfied customer.

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