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When doing business at sea, no one should be slowed down by lack of internet connectivity. For commercial vessels, it is essential to have a fast and stable internet connection to maintain daily tasks such as administration, data sharing, security, and running a functioning business. Further, it is necessary for crew-members and their well-being. In May 2022, the Maritime Labour Convention was updated, and crew-members won the right to have internet access on board. Crew-members are often far away from home in an extended period of time, and they need connectivity for connecting with their loved ones at home, thus securing their mental well-being. With SeaWire solutions, commercial vessels can ensure high speed and cost-efficient internet connectivity for all parts of their journey near coastal areas.

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At MiWire we have supported many different commercial vessels – bulk carriers, tankers, container ships etc. The primary solution for these types of vessels is the SeaWire Pro solution, as these commercial vessels need constant and fast internet. With SeaWire Pro, vessels get a two-unit configuration and a control unit, where one unit will always be connected, and the other will search for new operator base stations. When not searching, both units connect simultaneously, thus doubling the data speed. The control unit will then be integrated with the existing IT systems. With SeaWire solutions, commercial vessels will no longer have internet connectivity issues, and will be able to do all and any tasks, while caring for the crew.

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