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The world has become more and more globalized and digital.

All of us has experiences with this, whether it has been working from home, studying on the computer, telecommunicating with friends, or streaming a movie at night. However, most of us has also felt the frustration when we have been unable to do these activities due to poor internet connection. Connectivity frustration is understandable, and it is a hassle to figure out how to get optimal connection and data subscription. Internet infrastructure has become a necessity for living, and MiWire wants to ensure that no one is missing out.

MiWire has developed solutions that ensure fast and stable internet connectivity - wherever you are. Our intelligent, auto-rotating, directional antennas holds three patents across multiple countries, and luckily, we are not the only ones enjoying what our solutions bring. We have won two of the most prestigious awards in Denmark: The Danish Tech Challenge in 2018 and the 2021 edition of the Engineers’ Association’s Connect Awards. But most importantly MiWire solutions have helped thousands of people, companies, vessels, and families to gain internet access across the globe.


Our mission is to empower you with internet connectivity – wherever you are.
We want to empower our user by casting away the expert role and giving them a plug-n-play, easy and simple solution – wherever you are. We have developed solutions that ensures a fast and stable internet connection whether you are land-based or sea-based. And we will keep developing solutions to keep up with increased demands and current trends.


We envision a world, where everyone is connected – however you want, whatever you do, and wherever you are.
MiWire will continue to develop innovative and creative plug-n-play solutions that allows you a fast and stable internet connection – wherever you are.


A fast and stable internet connection is not just something everyone want; it is something that everyone needs. It is no longer a request, but a demand – and MiWire will supply. We aspire to be your partner throughout your journey of obtaining connection.

We work with a specific set of values throughout our company that enables us to become that partner.


We strive to always listen to our customers, colleagues, and business partners to keep improving. We all work toward a goal of internet connectivity, and our team is ready to help, learn, teach, and adapt in every aspect of our business to achieve this. We will find a solution, no matter what the needs are – wherever you are.


We have built our business on being creative. We took components from the telecommunications industry and developed solutions that no one else can match. We want to continue finding new and innovative ways to ensure internet connectivity – wherever you are.


Internet connectivity is a vital part of every person’s life. Whether you are 50 km or 5000 km from your friends, family, or colleagues, it is isolating not being able to connect. We are constantly working on setting a global standard for internet connectivity. We are not only doing business; we are providing the means to staying united.

Our story

MiWire ApS is a Danish tech company founded in 2016. We are a team of experts dedicated to improving lives through internet connectivity. We hold three patents for our range of solutions and are very proud to be pioneers in offering the world an intelligent, auto-rotating, directional antenna that automatically connects to the closest and strongest operator base station – both at land and at sea.

The idea sprung from our founders not being able to transmit video signals when competing in extreme sports such as mountain biking races or sail races. Connectivity issues in these situations made them realize how big challenges normal people in outer areas must have in a world where Internet connectivity is a crucial part of life. We help people work, study, stream, talk to their loved ones, and send high amounts of important data from ship to shore through our solutions. Installation and usage are simple, and our solutions are equally suitable for private as well as corporate use.

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