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MiWire’s auto-rotating, high-gain, directional antennas not only automatically locate the best operator base station. Our solutions also scan and memorize the network infrastructure through an advanced, patented software algorithm to ensure maximum data speed, even when changes in the network infrastructure is made. We have developed plug-n-play solutions in which installers do not need to have knowledge of the network infrastructure in order to install. MiWire ensures high performance data speed – wherever you are.

Who is MiWire?

MiWire ApS is a Danish tech company founded in 2016. We are a team of experts dedicated to improving lives through Internet connectivity. We hold three patents for our range of solutions and are very proud to be pioneers in offering the world an intelligent, auto-rotating, directional antenna that automatically connects to the closest and strongest operator base station – both at land and at sea.

The idea sprung from our founders not being able to transmit video signals when competing in extreme sports such as mountain biking races or sail races. Connectivity issues in these situations made them realize how big challenges people in outer areas must have in a world where Internet connectivity is a crucial part of life. We help people work, study, stream, talk to their loved ones, and send high amounts of important data from ship to shore through our solutions.

Our mission is to empower people with internet connectivity – wherever you are.


News & blog

MiWire at Digital Tech Summit 2023

Attending a exhibition and conference is always an exciting venture, especially when it's the second time around. This year, we have the privilege of attending the Digital Tech Summit – AI Transforming Business 2023 for the second time...

MiWire at Mobile World Congress 2023

Last week we attended #MobileWorldCongress2023 in Barcelona! The week was filled with hard work, a lot of people, and many interesting discussions. It was a really exciting week and our participation has been very productive. We have learned a lot throughout the week, and our key takeaways are:

The importance of internet access for seafarers

Working at sea can be very isolating, which is why internet connectivity for seafarers is crucial. Crew members need to be able to connect with loved ones at home when away for a long time, as it can take a toll on crew well-being and mental health.

Our role in solving network connectivity issues

In a globalized world, we are highly dependent on connectivity. When COVID-19 struck, it showed us truly how dependent we are, and how far behind parts of the world is to ensure everyone has a strong internet access. In 2021, the European Commission...

Why directional antennas are essential

More and more high-quality Internet connections will be delivered as wireless broadband over the mobile network in the future, and the antenna is a very important element in getting a good quality experience with higher speed...

The short antenna guide

More and more high-quality Internet connections will be delivered over the mobile network in the future, and the antenna is a very important element in getting a good quality experience with higher speed. Data from mobile broadband is transmitted from the telecom operator's antenna via radio signals passing through the...

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